Rippex follows cutting edge security practices. We have a redundant infrastructure to always keep up-to-date backups of our data and we perform daily tests to identify possible security breaches. We use cold storage for the majority of the digital assets we have in custody, storing the keys in different locations with restricted access. We keep a small fraction of our assets online to attend our daily operational needs.

Our backing policy requires always 100% reserves for all assets we issue. For each 1 national currency issued there is always 1 national currency stored and for each cryptocurrency issued there is always 1 cryptocurrency stored. We kept this policy since our foundation.

We also offer Two-step Authentication (2FA) to add another level of security to your account. Everything to keep your data safe.

How to get even safer?

The security of your data in Rippex is our priority, but there is no point if you do not take the usual care on your own computer:

Keep your antivirus up to date.

use always a trusted computer

Do not access your Rippex account from shared computers.


You are the sole responsible for protecting your Ripple wallet! Please keep your login information and your secret key in a private and safe place.