Operation Price* Deadline Limits
BRL deposits Free! Up to 1 business day From R$ 500.00 to R$ 100,000.00 / Day
BTC deposit Free! After 4 validations Unlimited
LTC deposit Free! After 6 validations Unlimited
BRL withdraw Free!** Up to 1 business day From R$ 100.00 to R$ 100,000.00 / Day
Withdraw BTC Network fee*** Up to 30 minutes Unlimited
LTC withdrawal Network fee*** Up to 30 minutes Unlimited
Ripple BRL transfer 0.3% Seconds Unlimited
Ripple BTC transfer 0.2% Seconds Unlimited
Ripple LTC transfer 0.2% Seconds Unlimited
Account Creation Free! Currently undefined 1 account per Tax Id
Account maintenance Free!
Returned bank transaction R$ 20.00

* Rippex may change the fees as it deems necessary. Any increase will be announced 30 days in advance.

** For transfers to Banco do Brasil, Bradesco e Itaú. Transfers to other banks will be charged an additional R$ 10,00 BRL fee.

*** Current network fees are 0.0009 BTC and 0.001 LTC and may be changed as required and without prior notice. We use network fees that aim agility in including the transactions in the next validated block in the Bitcoin or Litecoin networks.

Bank deposits and withdrawals may be interrupted during weekends and holidays.


A Rippex deposit happens when Rippex receives an asset that is external to Ripple and issues the equivalent amount in Ripple. For example, when we receive a bitcoin in the bitcoin network and issue BTC in Ripple.

A Rippex withdrawal happens when we receive a payment in Ripple and make the correspondent transfer in another network. Example: when we receive BTC in Ripple that triggers a bitcoin payment.

Ripple Transfer Fee
Is the fee charged whenever a Ripple asset ownership changes from one account to another. Ripple transfers are made by the Ripple network, being subjected to its deadlines and availability.

Rejected Bank Transfer
This fee is only charged if a bank transfer is returned due to an error on the banking data provided by the user. Always keep your banking info up to date.