Final Statement

April 2nd, 2018


Dear Rippex user,

We have reached the end of our closing schedule, which means that our services have been permanently disconnected. We sincerely hope that Rippex served as the gateway for many who sought to know the XRP ledger and its decentralized stock market.

Once again, we highlight the importance of your participation in this project and how grateful we are for your trust and feedback.

We will continue to research means of contributing to the consolidation of the ​​internet of values in a way that benefits everyone.




In the first two weeks following the shutdown, we will still be answering support calls in our social networks. After that period, we will deactivate our accounts on those networks. Nevertheless, we will keep a support service available on our website. From May 5th, 2018 support tickets will be dealt with within 15 days, thus increasing the current answer time.

Withdrawals (BRL, BTC and LTC)

During the first week of April we will still be processing any withdrawal request that could not be completed by the stipulated deadline. The processing of new requests after the first week of April will be made manually, monthly (on the first business day of each month, starting on May 5th, 2018) and will incur a 30 BRL fee per withdrawal.

Ripple wallet

The “Ripple Desktop Wallet” open source application that many downloaded on our website works independently from Rippex and can still be used to access XRPs and assets issued by other gateways.

However, we recommend gradual migration to other actively developed and updated wallet solutions to maintain security and compatibility with the XRPLedger. Migration is usually done by importing the secret key into the application of your choice. To obtain your secret key, go to the gear icon on the top right and select “security settings” and then click “show”.

As already posted on our website, the Ripple Desktop Wallet is only an interface nd an application to use the account’s secret key. The secret key represents the actual ownership of the account, so keep it as safe as you keep you keep your money. Rippex does not have access to the secret key of any user.

We cannot endorse any wallet, but here you can follow wallet solutions used by the XRP community:

Rippex’s Issuing Accounts

Rippex’s issuing accounts are irreversibly frozen, as well as all assets issued by Rippex. That means that it is no longer possible to use them in payments or trading. You can still send assets back to the issuer though.

Please find the technical details here:

In addition, we have disabled the master key of the accounts, therefore it is no longer possible to use the accounts to start transactions.